Mei Auctions is an exclusive auction brokerage which specializes on the sale of 35+ specialty properties co-operating with a select group of strategic partners across the country at any given time to ensure your assets sale or acquisition receives the attention it deserves.  We offer high quality and experience to you asset liquidation by our profound connections with premier auction partners and attorneys,  expertise in positioning, marketing, brokering and auctioning properties covers all property types from investment & development land, business sales to luxury residences and commercial properties, and collectible personal property. 

Our Mission

To be the leading auction broker service on a global scale. To be the bridge builder between auction industry in the United States and the auction industry in Southeast Asia. 

Our Vision

  • To offer the highest level of exclusive auction services available through cooperative, innovative, and ethical practices.

  • To deliver exclusive market knowledge, skilled analysis, and sound advice to every client.

  • To utilize innovative technologies that connect the auction market need in the United States and Southeast Asia, and thrive in building solid reliable strategic partnerships that support better business. 

Our Guiding Principles

Exclusivity: we strive for exclusive treatment and experience to every client.

Collaboration: we promote a true collaborative environment that fosters good will, a cooperative spirit, and strong alliances.

Community Outreach: we are committed to giving back by volunteering and improving the communities we serve.

Passion: We embrace enthusiasm and excitement, and believe it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure.

Fun: We appreciate every single moment of our life and incorporate fun whenever we can. 

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