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MEI AUCTIONS established joint venture with several auction houses in China as well as in United States to exclusively offer expertise in Asian Art and Antique auctions, wine auctions, fashion auctions, and VIP auction broker services for buyer representation at high-end auctions. 
Our exclusive auction services brings buyers and sellers of fine, rare and valuable works of art, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles together in a global marketplace. From its conventional auction service in the Texas area to its modern virtual experience, our auction house extraordinary service to both buyers and sellers alike.

VIP Auction Broker Service
Wine Auction
Private Events Auction
Fashion Auction

Livestock Rodeo Auction

wine auction.JPG

Wine Auction

women auctioneers.JPG

Women Auctioneers

Livestock Rodeo Auction

fashion show auction in Beverly Hill, CA

Fashion Show Auction

Corporation Annual Banquent 

corporation annual banquent .JPG
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